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Remediaton of concrete structures have their considerable position in the reconstruction of buildings. Concrete as a building material thanks to its special characteristics witnessed in all areas of the construction industry as a reliable and an indispensable material. Although the concrete is a very durable material, which is used to statically highly stressed structures, it is necessary to protect the surface, therefore remediation. When we talk about building work in concrete, it is not just about engineering structures (bridges, tunnels or water structures), but also, for example. Balcony brackets, stair landings or shoulders on which there are failures such. Separating the cover to reinforcement. Repair and remediation of concrete structures is certainly not to be understood only as a sideshow, but you need to approach them the most responsible way. It is pointless to hide the damaged concrete elements, for example, heat-insulating tiles made without previous professional finishing and sanitation. 

Before the remediation or reprofiling concrete structure is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the structure itself. On the basis of the detected defects we can choose the best approach for the remediation of concrete. 

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