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Metallization (zinc spray) is thermal spraying of metal particles to create protection of the surface. It prevents steel and other metals from corrosion. Surfaces are firstly degreased, blasted to Sa 3 (silver finish) according to CSN ISO 8501-1, and then a layer of zinc, aluminum, zinacor (an alloy of zinc and aluminum), respectively copper, bronze or brass (decorative metallization) is applied at the desired thickness according to corrosive environment. rnZinc spraying can be described as a melting filler material (in powder, wire or rod), the particles are accelerated and deposited on the surface. The following impact quickly solidify to form a special coating that prevents penetration of moisture and oxygen. This creates protection against corrosion and greatly extends the life of machined material. Life of metallized and properly painted surface is 20,30 years or more. These days is clasic zing metallization replaced with cold metallization (ZINGA), due to better prices.

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-metallization, thermal spraying of metals Al, Zn or Zinacor

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