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Abrasive blasting or sandblasting is a technological way of working of various types of materials. Mostly often it is used on metal and steel structures, but also on masonry, concrete or stone. Blasting is nowadays the most widely used method for the removal of residents, old paint and other stubborn particles on the surface. We use strong flow of abrasive particles for blasting or sandblasting. Among the abrasive material belong silica sand, steel shot, steel grit or slag. Cleanliness of the surface is measured by parameter "Sa" - the degree of purity. Industry standard value is 2.5 according to CSN ISO 8501-1.

Our company offers:

-Dry blasting with silica sand (and other abrasives) according to standards CSN ISO 8501-1 from Sa1 to Sa3

-Wet blasting with silica sand, which is necessary to prevent dust (possibly with the addition of a corrosion inhibitor)

-Pressure washing with water approx. 400bar (or even higher pressures)

-High-pressure washing with water to about 1200bar


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We realize sandblasting at our workshop, or at a specific place according to customer requirements (the use of mobile blasting unit).

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